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Free facial consultation

Enjoy a free facial consultation!

Because everyone's skin is unique, we place particular importance on examining your skin before we start your treatment plan.
 Whether you are looking for an anti-ageing or ageing prevention treatment, or want to treat your skin imperfections, it is essential that we determine exactly what type of skin you have and its condition. Your skin analysis consists of two parts:

  • Your skin history and gathering information on your habits.
  • Measuring your skin using our skin analysis technology, the Derma Visualizer.

This in-depth analysis of your skin’s characteristics helps us offer you a personalised treatment plan for your skin.
All our skincare procedures and treatments are developed based on your skin’s needs and your objectives.

This step is essential to ensure a high-quality treatment plan and exceptional follow-up service.

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Enjoy a free consultation and benefit from a personalised treatment plan

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How the consultation works:

When you come for your appointment you will be welcomed by one of our specialist keratotherapists, who will make you comfortable in our consulting room.

Once your concerns and objectives have been established, your specialist will take a full history of your skin.
This is based on a questionnaire designed to help us understand your habits and how you currently look after your skin.

Following the consultation, we measure your skin using our latest-generation skin analyser.

These measurements help us analyse the overall state of your skin and how ageing has affected it, and detect any hidden problems.
Your specialist will go over the results with you and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The consultation will end with you being given bespoke advice on how to care for your skin and a recommended personal treatment plan based on the results of your analysis.

We cannot emphasise enough how important this appointment is for a successful treatment plan.
This analysis is completely free of charge with no commitment on your part.

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