Ageing prevention

Why prevent the skin from ageing?

Skin ageing is directly linked to our natural production of collagen.

This starts to slow down from the age of 25 and the loss of collagen gradually increases over time.

The skin ageing process starts to ramp up from the age of 30.

And the visible signs of ageing start to show from the age of 40.

By opting for a preventative treatment and taking good care of your skin on a regular basis, you can slow down the signs of ageing quite significantly.

This will make it easier to fight wrinkles and sagging skin down the line.

You don’t have to wait for the signs of ageing to set in to start treating them!

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The main causes:


The sun

The sun is the main trigger of skin ageing. It causes heliodermia, which is the appearance of red, brown or white spots. Exposure to UV rays leads to a thickening of the skin, which eventually gives it a leathery look. The pigmentation becomes irregular and the blood vessels have a strong tendency to dilate.


Smoking is another factor that accelerates the ageing process. This is because of the toxic substances contained in cigarettes. These products attack the skin's hyaluronic acid which decreases over time, making the skin less and less elastic.

Stress and pollution

Stress and air pollution are also harmful to the skin. When you're stressed, the production of cell-destroying free radicals increases significantly. And air pollution has a tendency to reduce the body's immune defences. This affects its normal hydration and the skin shedding process.
How to treat sagging skin

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