Global Eyecon

How does it work?

Global Eyecon

is a treatment specially designed for the eye contour area. This part of the face is especially delicate, so you need to use specific products that are very well tolerated by the skin and eyes.

Global Eyecon is a cosmetic procedure that combines peeling and transdermal technology to obtain a visible improvement from the first session. The programme consists of three sessions, alternated with peeling and microneedling sessions.

Who and what is it for?

Ce soin est adapté à tous les types de peaux et phototypes. Il permet de défatiguer le regard en réduisant :


Sagging skin on the upper eyelids


Small expression lines in the area around the eyes


Bags and dark circles

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What happens during the session?

During the peeling phase, after properly cleansing and preparing the skin to make it easier for the active ingredients to penetrate, our specialist will use a cotton pad to apply the powerful active ingredients to the area to be treated, starting with the area around the eye and finishing with the upper and lower eyelid. Three layers of product need to be applied for three minutes.

During the transdermal treatment, it is also important to prepare the skin to make it easier for the solution to be absorbed. Your specialist will use a syringe to extract the product from a vial before placing it on the skin and maximising its absorption through microneedling. Next, your keratotherapist will apply a mask, which must be left on for about 10-15 minutes.

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Global Eyecon

One session


Global Eyecon

Full treatment (3 sessions)



Pregnancy or breastfeeding


Allergic to the products used


Photosensitising treatment


Taking anticoagulants

What to expect after the session

After the session, you may experience redness and a slight swelling for up to 24 hours. There is no disruption to your social life. You are strongly advised to apply a specialist serum or cream in the week following your treatment. Our keratotherapist will recommend one to you, such as the highly soothing Beta Glucane serum or post-treatment Ceramide Cream by Doctor Babor.

We recommend you wait at least four hours before touching the treated area.

We also recommend you avoid the sun (or sunbed) and any type of hair removal (wax, laser, etc.) for at least ten days after the session.

You should wait 48 hours before applying makeup or using a swimming pool, sauna or steam room.

Frequently asked questions

Can it harm your eyes?

Throughout the session, appropriate products will be used to protect your eyes. After the session, you may experience some localised redness and/or slight swelling. This will disappear within 24 hours.

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