Genesis Facial

How does it work?

Genesis Facial

Genesis by Mesoestetic is a non-invasive medical procedure to treat sagging skin and facial wrinkles. It works by combining targeted radiofrequency with transdermal penetration by the customisable active ingredients, with impressive results. This method helps to effectively stimulate the fibroblasts (cells that naturally create collagen and elastin fibres in your body) and prevent collagen degradation. This densifies the dermis and smooths out the lines on your face in a completely natural way.

Who and what is it for?

This technology is suitable for all skin types and complexions. It helps tackle the following concerns:


anti-ageing (reducing the wrinkles and fine lines on your face)


lifting (densifying the dermis to combat sagging skin)


sensitive skin (reducing redness and skin sensitivity)


the eye contour area (smoothing out the wrinkles around the eyes)


post-surgery (to limit scarring and make it easier for the skin to heal)


double chin (reducing localised fat deposits)

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What happens during the session?

These intensive treatments take place over several sessions. Each intensive treatment session has a clear objective:

Intensive bio-stimulation sessions:

These sessions use a process of tissue stimulation to promote tissue regeneration, providing it with additional energy to obtain a better response to the treatment and restoring cellular balance to keep tissue healthier for longer.

Intensive bio-stimulation + nutrition sessions:

We carry out both of these phases at the same session, one after the other. The first phase involves applying electromagnetic rays to access the deepest layers of the skin on the face or body. This creates molecular energy within the tissue. The second phase provides the nutrients needed using boosters developed exclusively for Genesis, which enhance the results to make them last longer. The Genesis boosters work in four different areas:

  • G1 booster: rebalancing complex for intense hydration and deep anti-ageing action
  • G2 booster: smart regeneration complex to repair and heal the skin
  • G3 booster: soothing complex for sensitive skin
  • G4 booster: Slimfit complex to activate lipolysis, drainage and skin firmness.

The aim of these different sessions is to boost the effects of the treatment and prepare the tissue to optimally absorb the active ingredients for more spectacular, long-lasting results.

Intensive body treatments: 6 sessions recommended

24-month interest-free payment option!

Genesis Facial

1 session


Genesis Facial

6-session pack



Pregnancy or breastfeeding


Allergic to the products used


Active acne



What to expect after the session

You may experience a slight rash after the session. This will last a few hours at the most.

Once your course of treatment is complete, we recommend a maintenance session every 3-6 months to prolong the results.

Frequently asked questions

Does it hurt?

This treatment is painless. You’ll feel a relaxing warmth and gentle pressure in the area being treated.

How long until I see results?

You’ll notice results after the first full cell renewal cycle, which takes 28 days, based on one session per week.

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