Free Body Consultation

Enjoy a free body consultation!

Because every body is different, we place particular importance on carrying out a body analysis before we start your treatment plan.

Whether you are interested in a slimming, body contouring or anti-cellulite treatment, it is essential for us to understand your body before we start.

This in-depth analysis of your body's characteristics helps us to offer you a personalised treatment programme to meet your objectives.

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When you come for your appointment you will be welcomed by one of our specialist keratotherapists.
Once your concerns and objectives have been established, your specialist will take a full history of your skin.
This is based on a questionnaire designed to help us understand your habits and how you currently look after your body.

Following the consultation, we take your body measurements using our latest-generation body composition analyser.

These body measurements will help us select the most suitable treatment to meet your objectives and develop a specific, personalised treatment plan.

The consultation will end with you being given bespoke advice and a recommended personal treatment plan based on the results of your analysis.

We cannot emphasise enough how important this appointment is for a successful treatment plan.
This analysis is completely free of charge with no commitment on your part.

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