O2, bien plus qu’un bol d’oxygène

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

Feels as if you had spent the day in the mountains, O2 allows for a change in the oxygen level in your body from 21 to 95% in a few minutes. By increasing cellular respiration in such way, the energy naturally contained in nutrients is released and increased, diminishing headaches, sleep related issues, pollution related breathing difficulties, shortness of breath during physical effort or vulnerability to winter germs.


How does a session go?

Lounging in a cozy little room, oxygen is delivered through two nasal cannulae inserted in each nostril. Each session lasts for a quarter of an hour.



  • Your well-being is immediately boosted after one session. Ideal before or after vigorous effort, or in stress situation.
  • Weekly session: recommended to boost the immune system.

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Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

€ 18

One Oxygen Therapy session

Oxygen Therapy Package

€ 90

Buy 5 sessions get 1 free

Oxygen Therapy XL Package

€ 180

Buy 10 sessions get 2 free + 1 free treatment of your choice