Le Float Tank, expérience d’isolation sensorielle

Float Tank

Like in a cocoon

You can really center yourself isolated in a tank filled with water and Epsom salt (pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate known for its therapeutic benefits), experiencing weightlessness, free from noise and stress. As if back in the womb, the Float Tank promotes deep relaxation and meditation, creativity, and relieves muscular and joint pains.


How does a session go?

In a dimly lit room, which gradually turns to total darkness, cut off from any sound pollution, you spend the session in weightlessness in the Float Tank. A tank that resembles a shell and that isolates you from all external sensory input. Each session lasts for 40 minutes.



  • After 1 session: you experience immediate physical and mental relaxation.
  • 2 to 3 times a month: helps stimulate meditative states, creativity, and lasting relief from joint and muscle aches.

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Float Tank

Float Tank

€ 60

One Float Tank session

Float Tank Package

€ 300

Buy 5 sessions get 1 free

Float Tank XL Package

€ 600

Buy 10 sessions get 2 free + 1 free treatment of your choice