La cryothérapie, grand froid en cabine


Three minutes at -110C, or even at -190C: a trump card of great athletes, extreme cold is recommended by doctors and is known to be effective against fatigue, inflammations, immunity issues and to boost recovery after exercise efforts. Cryotherapy is also recognized for it’s anti cellulite effects and against skin aging.


Cold therapy

Well known by physicians and great athletes for over 35 years, cryotherapy and its benefits no longer need to be proven. Extreme cold does indeed offer many advantages.

  • General practitioners and specialists recommend it to relieve patients suffering from inflammation (including multiple sclerosis), chronic pain and fatigue or immune and tissue deficiencies. It also allows for optimal and fast elimination of toxins linked to certain medications and to general anesthesia.
  • Athletes, including high performance ones, use it before and after physical efforts. It reduces muscle contractures, risks of muscle cramps, aches linked to rheumatism or musculo-tendinous lesions.
  • In beauty and wellness centers, the cryotherapy cabin is used for its immediate tightening action, for its impact on skin dimpling, cellulite and skin rejuvenation. It also has an effect on some dermatological conditions like psoriasis. For treatments targeting the face, discover Cryofan.


How does a session go?

You stand in the cryotherapy cabin wrapped in cold dry air (face stays outside the cabin) without the extreme and unpleasant sensation of being in an ice cold bath Scandinavian style since this cold air has almost zero humidity. Temperatures go down to between -110C to -190C. Each session lasts 3 minutes.

La température descend entre -110 et -190°C. Chaque séance dure 3 minutes.



  • After 1 session, tissue and muscle pains are much relieved.
  • After 6 sessions, most major injuries diminish greatly or go away completely.
  • Weekly sessions are recommended to keep fit, to maintain a healthy immune system and tone the skin durably.

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