Le Cryofan, cryothérapie ciblée


Is a local cryotherapy device that uses a stream of super cooled nitrogen vapor (-110C) focused on particular areas of the body in order to firm or tighten them up, reducing wrinkles or double chin for example. The tightening effect is immediate!


Beauty through cold therapy
Based on the same principle as in our cryotherapy cabin, Cryofan focuses the benefits of extreme cold onto the face. During a session in a cryotherapy cabin, the head stays out of the device and does not gain the same benefits as the rest of the body. This treatment is designed for people looking to significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines, to resculpt and tighten the face into an oval shape, and to reduce double chin. It is also recommended for the treatment of certain dermatological conditions like psoriasis.


How does a session go?
Sitting face to face with one of our associates, a stream of nitrogen cooled to -110C is directed to the face. This very precise and effective technique allows targeting specific areas of the face. Each session lasts for 12 minutes.


Results on wrinkles, tightening of tissues, certain skin conditions and double chin are visible after 5 to 6 sessions.

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Focused Cryotherapy

€ 80

One Focused Cryotherapy session

Cryo Fan Package

€ 400

Buy 5 sessions get 1 free

Cryo Fan XL Package

€ 800

Buy 10 sessions get 2 free + 1 free treatment of your choice