About us


About us

About us

Energy Wave, the first center uniting 7 wellbeing latest trends

Harmony of body and spirit, vitality, relaxation…modern life does away with these essentials and threatens our health and inner balance.

On top of a balanced diet, regular physical exercise, and for some, relaxation and meditation sessions, we can henceforth rely on technology to reach optimal well-being. Showing rapid results, these latest technological devices are a must!
A few well-being centers have opened up in the last few months, especially cryotherapy ones, but Energy Wave is the only place using the 7 latest and most efficient technological devices on the market, some being in exclusivity in Belgium.


Located in a new construction at the heart of Fort Jaco, the center is bright and chic. Whatever the needs and expectations of our clients, our qualified professionals guide them toward the most appropriate treatment.


Our Best Treatments

Whole Body Cryotherapy

€ 50

One Whole Body session


€ 35

One Pandora Star session

Float Tank

€ 60

One Float Tank session


€ 18

One Collarium session


€ 80

One Focused Cryotherapy session